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By placing an order, you confirm having read and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Attention! Because of Covid-19 some countries apply new rules concerning mail coming from other countries. Please check with your national postal services if you can receive mail from the Netherlands. As I can not check each individual country this is at your own risk. Delivery can take up to 4 months in the EU and longer outside the EU.


Contact only through email
If you have questions about your order, please contact me at, with your order number and full name, or simply hit ‘reply’ on the email with your order confirmation. Messages sent through social media regarding your order will not get processed and will not be answered, due to the large amount of messages. Also, there is no way for me to know which order is yours based on an Instagram-username. Thanks for understanding!

About shop and products

Please note that I’m a one-woman-business, singly creating, handling and shipping all orders. It’s very different from larger warehouse web shops so I can not compete with their services. Therefore I can’t offer same day-shipping for example.

Production and quality of the products
All products seen in my web shop are either handmade or produced in the Netherlands.
Art prints are printed on a BIO top-printer off-white paper
Please note that the actual product might look different in real life from the screen as every screen has different settings.

You buy the product, not the copyright
Buying a product means you’re buying an item you can use, not the copyright. This I want to especially make clear with original artwork (paintings and drawings) that I offer in my shop. This means you can use the product but you can’t reproduce it. It’s not allowed to copy the product you bought, or use it for commercial purposes (like a logo, flyers, website, etc.). If you do want to use it for commercial purposes, please get in contact with me. Copyright remains in all instances with Lotte Keijzer and copyright infringement will be dealt with.


Shop closed?
My shop is open most of the time, but it might happen that I will take a holiday. In that case I will inform you through my website when I’ll be back.

What kind of payment options do you offer?
For the time being you can only pay through PayPal. You can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

How to place an order?
 You can place an order by clicking ‘Add to cart’. You can find your order on the top right in the navigation, where you see the shopping bag icon. If you’re on a phone, you can find it on the top right in the navigation as well, once you’re in my shop.
2) When you’re in your cart, click on “proceed to check out”. Next you can checkout by adding your shipping information. The shipping costs will show up automatically on the right side.
3) You will be forwarded to the payment system of PayPal. Please make your payment here.
4) After payment, you will receive an order confirmation on the email address that you have added in checkout.
All communication about your order will go to the email address you fill out in your order, so please see you fill out your email correctly.
5) When your order is shipped out, you will receive another email. So, in total you will receive two emails.

When ordering online is new(ish) for you
If you’re not that tech-savvy and have trouble figuring out how to place an online shop order, please ask someone around you to help you out. Unfortunately, I can’t offer personal help with ordering due to time restraints.

No order confirmation received?
Please check the spam-folder of your email inbox. Some email services don’t like my emails so it ends up there. How rude!
Another possibility is that you used one of your other email addresses for the order. If you can’t find it, please send me an email and I will re-send you the order confirmation, no problem.

Invoices and receipts
When you order you won’t find receipts/invoices in the package. This is all sent through email. You can safely order gifts this way!
You will receive the invoice upon ordering in my shop per email. If you need an invoice for your business, make sure you fill out your business address as the shipping address, and include your business name in the checkout process.

Ordering for a friend/family/other?
If you’re ordering something for someone else and want to have it delivered at a different address, please fill out that address underneath  “Ship To A Different Address?” (Below the Billing Details). Your order will otherwise be shipped to the address you out in ‘Billing Details’. Please be aware of this when ordering!

Item out of stock
If a painting or illustration is out of stock it will not return as it is an original art piece. I only have a limited amount of art prints, which once out of stock will likely not return. You are always welcome to contact me about making a costum work for you personally.

Old links or out of stock products
If you followed an old link somewhere it might lead to a 404-page. This means the item is not available. All items I create are either one-of-a-kind or are made in a limited run as I’m a small business (I run this singly handed) and it’s different from a big company.

Personal commissions or custom orders
I also make custom orders. Get in touch and we can talk about your wishes and possibilities.

Gift wrapping and special requests
I put a lot of care in packaging every order but unfortunately I can’t offer special or themed gift wrapping, or wrapping all individual items. I can add a custom note to orders when you’re ordering as a gift for someone else, no more than 55 characters please as I write it by hand on a little card. Please make it short and sweet


Accepted payment methods
Right now you can only pay through Paypal. Paying by bank transfer or credit cards is not possible unfortunately.

Got a discount code?
Discount codes can be filled out in the checkout process, below the total costs. They need to be filled out during the payment process as they can not be entered after the final step. There are no refunds possible afterwards so please make sure you fill out the code in the ordering process.


All orders are shipped out every Wednesday, unless noted otherwise. All shipping is done by hand and by myself so I don’t do next day shipping or delivery. It’s shipped with a lot of care though!

Shipping costs
If you place your order you see an overview of all the costs including shipping before you make your order final.
All shipping costs include postage, packaging and processing of the order. All orders are send through PostNL, the only option I have in the Netherlands right now. Unfortunately, this service is not cheap and as I’m a small web shop I cannot make deals with this service for cheaper postage. This means shipping costs are non-negotiable. Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the parcel, not the size.

No pick ups available
It is not possible to pick up your order at my home address nor do I make personal home deliveries, due to privacy and time restraints.

I package every order very carefully by using cardboard and cardboard envelopes for prints, and cardboard and bubble wrap for the art packages. I always get track and trace for every package and for the art pieces I put an insurance on it in case of something happening during the shipping. Therefor the shipping costs might be slightly higher. I do this to make sure your packages arrive to you safe.
Please note I try to refrain from using plastic as much as I can but in some cases I have to use it to protect the products. I use recycled packing materials wherever I can.

Make sure you enter your address correctly
Please double check if you have entered the right address before pressing ‘send’. Your order will be send to the exact address you filled out in ‘Billing Details’. Due to time restraints I can’t manually check every address. Made a mistake? Contact me asap and I’ll fix it.
If you have filled out the wrong or incomplete address and your order has shipped out, it’s possible your order will not arrive. I do not take responsibility for this, so please make sure you double check it.

I ship to the countries that are listed on checkout. If your country isn’t listed I can’t ship to you unfortunately.

Shipping times
The customs service in your country might take a longer period of time to send the package to your place. This is the reason some delivery times may vary. It all boils down to the country you live in. From my experience, the timings usually are:

Netherlands: 2-5 days
Europe: 5-14 days (currently up to 4 months due to Covid-19)
United States and Canada: 10-30 days (please note that some letters and packages might stay at border control a bit longer) (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)
Australia: 10-30 days (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)
Rest of the world: 1-8 weeks (currently up to 8 months due to Covid-19)

Border patrol hold up
For no particular reason some postal services keep packages and envelopes for longer periods of time at their centres, or at border patrol. It might take up to 6 weeks within Europe before they transit the package. Within Europe, please allow a maximum of 6 weeks for arriving, and outside Europe 12 weeks.

Envelope/package has been opened and resealed?
Occasionally border patrol will open packages and envelopes to check the contents. This happens mostly at the US, Canada, South-America, Australia and New Zealand border. Please contact border control in your country to ask for more information.

Additional taxes for your package to enter your country are at your own expense.

Track and trace or insured shipping
Within the Netherlands: Every item is available with Track and Trace.

Outside the Netherlands: Based on the item you ordered I have the system set up it will automatically pick the shipping method it comes with.  It always has track and trace and with art work it’s always insured’. This way you can see where your package is located and file a complaint when your package is damaged.

Please note that packages with track and trace take longer on average to arrived than regular packages as they get stored at border control longer.

Track your package
Go to:, fill out your code, country and postal code and see where it’s located.
With insured shipping I can get a refund from the postal services though please note that PostNL is allowed to deliver the package within one year after sending without refunding money

Refunds and exchanges

Wrong item received?
I take full responsibility for errors made on my part. If you’ve received the wrong item, please get in touch with me. If that has happened please email me a photo of your order as you received it and your order number. I will send you the right item on my own costs of course.
Please do this only by email as messages sent through social media disappear amongst the high quantity, and I need your name and order number to check. Only claims through email will be dealt with, and social media messages will not be processed. Thanks for understanding!

Damaged package
Unfortunately I cannot take responsibility for the way each particular national postal service treats their mail. I ship the orders in sturdy cardboard (with ‘please do not bend’ on it) and/or bubble wrap to protect them but it really depends on the person delivering the post how they handle it. I recommend getting in touch with your local postal service to file a complaint. Do feel free to drop me an email as I want you to be happy and I will try to come up with a way to make it up to you.

Lost package
You get a track and trace code to see where your package is at that moment.

If you live in the Netherlands, go to , fill in your code, country and postal code and see where it’s located.

If you live outside the Netherlands, go to:, fill out your code, country and postal code and see where it’s located.
With insured shipping I can get a refund from the postal services, though please note that PostNL is allowed to deliver the package within one year after sending without refunding money.

Although it’s just me running my shop (I’m not a big business) I do always try to find a solution where I can so send me an email please!

Are you in South America?
In my experience especially South America has trouble delivering mail. Packages get lost there more than in the rest of the world, so please take note of this before ordering.

By placing your order, you agree to having read all of the terms above, and agree with them.

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